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"The worn-out, violated word "lily" is devoid of all expression. Therefore I call the lily éuy — and original purity is restored."  -Kruchenykh


This is a personal site. It acts as a repository for my personal and professional information. It's also technically a blog because my inner Narcissus can't stand the thought of being ignored by prospective half-interested strangers. Click around on things to find secrets.

This website is a labor of frustration and love. From absolutely nothing and with almost 0 foreknowledge, I am making... something. The design language for this site is based on catppuccin. I chose the style because I enjoy bright pastels and muted spring tones. At present, it's about 3:1 catppuccin:personal, but I intend to tweak most aspects of it so the user gets a more authentic look at my personal flavor of weird.

There will be an "about," "home," "portfolio," etc. set up soon™. I also intend to make dyslexia-friendly versions of all of my pages as well as alternative light and dark modes for colorblindness/accessibility purposes.

For documentation purposes and those interested, I keep notes and a running Kanban board for all my sprints on Notion. I am at least cursorily aware of what is getting done, what needs to be done, and what cannot be done (for now). And because this website is an Agile product, nothing is ever "finished," so things might shift around conspicuously from day to day.

Disclaimer: the little tail-images you see below the site's bottom navigation text do not belong to me and are a product of the lovely Experience Japan project.

See ya,

Abraham \\ 25.05.2022

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