This page somewhat resembles a missive containing broad characteristics of my aesthetic and the peculiarities of my professional inclinations/background.

I am a 25-year-old non-hispanic white male from Wyoming. (I should know, having filled out as many self-identification disclosures as I have).

My hobbies/interests include reading about history (no, not Roman history, and no, not WWI/WWII history), playing online battle royale games with my fiance, childhood friends, adulthood friends, and my siblings; urban planning (armchair and academic), drinking interesting beverages, cooking, clothing, minimalism, physical and digital security, meddling with high-spec technology, travel, and engaging in eco-friendly living practices where I can.


Herein you may find an unenumerated (or nonenumerative, whatever) list of things that I have done and qualities that I believe are, probably, important as a professional and/or private individual. It would be difficult to persuade me to think they weren't important. Therefore, I refer to them as "intransigents."


(in descending order of fluency)