T U N I S O N / P O R T F O L I O

P O R T F O L I O美術と写真撮影

Welcome to my original works. Here I will host three photos at a time, switching them out periodically. I have a backlog comprising multiple locations, subjects, and styles somewhere in the dozens. A large portion are from Japan, some are portraits, and others are still life. I like my art to imitate my unmitigated astigmatism, but I am inspired by the Dutch Masters, Surrealists, Absurdists, and photographers like Ansel Adams.

statue garden

City Garden \\ May 2019 \\ Abraham Tunison

A Splendid Temple
Center of Shinjuku
Sweet Hydrocarbons


Outside \\ May 2019 \\ Abraham Tunison

夢色路 \\ 穏日没へ \\ 完璧道


Hanafuku \\ May 2019 \\ Abraham Tunison

Wandering Red Hill
Aizome Cotton Threads
Silk On Fair Shoulders

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